Fukuoka, first stop in Japan.

From Busan and in an overnight ferry, I arrived in Japan at half past seven. My first time in Japan, my first time in Fukuoka. First of all, locate the hostel and leave the backpack. Once this was done, I only needed one thing to start walking through the city, a coffee.

It would be only a day and half, so I was clear that it would be a day for walking around and see as much as possible. I started at around ten o’clock, with the first stop in the Tochojl and Shofukuyi temple. It was the first contact with Japanese history and the first impression was very good, quiet. It is very nice to feel how the Japanese greet you without knowing you and a simple gesture as head tilt can mean many things.

I kept walking to reach the Kushida shrine. It was there where I could feel more how important the temples are the Japanese. When I was inside, I saw a family that had brought their new car in order to be blessed. I also had the great fortune to see a Japanese wedding, few guests, but a lot of tradition.


After walking through the main streets of the city and having seen several markets, such as Nakasu, I came across a park where there was a kind of festival with food stalls and a musical show. All the food looked amazing, it took me time to decide what to choose, but finally I ate a kind of cheese croquettes. Like the rest of the people, I sat on the grass to enjoy the food meanwhile I was watching the show.

Time to walk again. I was in the Fukuoka Castle, now converted to a park where people enjoy their free time. Young people where playing baseball, while older did bocce. The last invited me to play with them, and it was a pleasant experience because of feeling involved in their game. Leaving the castle park, again, another surprise. In another nearby park, Maizuru, there was a young samurai competition. I loved seeing how young people enjoyed with this martial art.


And following my itinerary, it was time to go to Ohori Park, one of the largest in the city, or certainly the one with the largest lake where you can rent a canoe if you are looking for a romantic moment.

Late in the afternoon, and after walking for several hours, I arrived to the Fukuoka tower, the tallest of the Japanese coast. Upon payment of the entrance (640 yen) I climbed to the top of the tower. It takes 66 seconds to reach the 116th floor from where you can see all the city and its coast. My body started to feel tired, so around 7 pm I returned to the hostel to rest a little, I needed it.


It was dinner time, so it was time to go to see the city at night. Japan, or at least Fukuoka, does not have many street food stalls like Korea, so I decided to go into a restaurant and order fish tempura. Fukuoka is extremely quiet, so a walk at night watching their buildings and people, it was the best plan to end the day.

Fully rested, and after the breakfast at the hostel, a last walk around the city. I had time to come to the Sumiyoshi shrine, where temples coexist with those huge fish that are watched with admiration for cats that live there.

Time to eat, take the backpack and go to the station to get direction of Hiroshima.

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