Busan, sea city.

As I was telling in the previous post about my trip to Daegeon, leaving the city to reach Busan was a bit chaotic. Once I was able to get on the train and think that everything was already resolved, it was not. Up to twice the train stopped at intermediate stations, announcing that the train could not continue, forcing us to leave the train to go by bus, for later rectified and allow us to follow. There was a lot of chaos and lack of information. People running from one place to another without any sense. All voice messages were in Korean, while foreigners we got together to try to understand what was happening and we simply follow the footsteps of what the Koreans did. If they were coming down the train, we got off, if they were up, we followed them. Repeatedly. With fear for the lack of information we reached the destination and the surprise was that time in Busan was spectacular, all sunny, not a single cloud. I did not understand anything. I thought that I understood them wrong and it was not a typhoon, just a simple transport strike. But there was a typhoon indeed, in fact, the largest one ever recorded in South Korea.

I arrived at the hostel where they explained me everything about what happened, and finally, all had sense. I arrived at late evening, I left the backpack and I went out to discover what was around the hostel. Everything seemed normal, nothing looked that the typhoon had caused any destruction. Again, street stalls and shops everywhere, nothing I had not seen in Seoul or Daejeon.


Another sunny day, so after breakfast I come to one of the most visited spots in Busan, Haundae Beach. More than Korea, it looked like Spain. There is where I started to see the effects of the typhoon. The beach walk, restaurants and shops close to the sea were destroyed. The army and people were collaborating to return to normal as soon as possible.

I walked throughout the day around the beach, where the sea coexists with the luxury of modern skyscrapers, parks and traditional buildings. For those who are from coastal area, there is nothing better than walking near the sea.


Busan, a part of beach, is luxury and skyscrapers. I have not been able to count the number of skyscrapers were being built. Busan, as Daegeon and Seoul has many parks, which it makes walking become more enjoyable.


New day, cloudy, but not raining. So I decided to go to the Culture Village of Gamcheon, located at the top of the hill. After an intense walk up, and just when I got to the top, it started to rain. Go! But nothing happens, the water does not hurt, and at least one North Spaniard who has lived the last 5 years in Ireland. Raincoat time. With narrow and steep streets, this town was an ancient Korean village that has been converted into a town dedicated to art. All houses have been painted in bright colours, creating a worthy picture. I was walking around about two hours, finding the hidden sites that worth stand and just watch.


After browsing everything, down to the Jagalchi market, the largest fish market in the country. It was amazing the amount of fish and different classes. I have not ever seen so much fish and variety together.

Again a rainy day, but I had to go out for a walk. I went to Citizens Park which was near the hostel, waiting for the rain to stop. Once there, the rain did not even stop, it began to become stronger, so I decided to leave and go to a restaurant to eat some good dumplings. It was the perfect day to rest, the day trip to Japan was near.


Last and sunny day in South Korea. perfect to do what I was not able to do in the previous day. Go to the Citizen park and get ready to the trip by ferry to Japan.

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