3 days in Singapore

From The Philippines and before Indonesia, it was time to stop in Singapore and spend a couple of days to discover this small luxury city. It’s an expensive city for a backpacker’s budget, so two nights were more than enough. All the comments I had heard and read were very good, with some glitches like their high prices or quirks like the law prohibiting eating gum throughout the country.

After three weeks in the Philippines, I left behind the beaches and chaos of the islands to return to the big city where modernity, cleanliness and luxury makes an appearance through its streets and skyscrapers. Time to leave behind the haggling for fixed prices, high but fixed prices. No more taxis or tricycles, just metro and walking.

I arrived at the hostel in the late evening, so after leaving the backpack in the room, I went out to explore Chinatown where it was located. Singapore has an important Chinese influence, so this neighbourhood is one of the most important. You can find hundreds of restaurants and street stalls offering the diverse Chinese cuisine.

The next day I was exploring the city by walking and getting lost among its buildings and big avenues to reach the most famous area, Marina Bay, where the hotel with the same is located, famous for its infinity pool on top of it, as well as Gardens of the Bay where the «Super Trees» are. These artificial trees are famous, apart from their beauty, for being able to generate electricity through their solar and hydraulic technology.


The last day it was the moment to explore other corners of the city, including Little India, as well as the electronics mall, Sim Lim Square, where all kinds of technology are sold in its 5 floors. I ended the day again in Marina Bay to be able to enjoy the Super Trees and its surroundings at night. They have both light and sound shows that make that moment become magical. It is certainly one of the attractions of Singapore and none should miss it.


The next morning back to the airport heading to Indonesia, specifically to Jakarta. Despite of being a flight of about just two hours, a great change occurs when changing of country, continent and even of hemisphere.

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