Tokyo, last stop in Japan.

In bullet train and from Kyoto, I arrived at the capital of Japan, Tokyo. The last place on my Japanese trip.

The differences between Kyoto and Tokyo are felt from the beginning. Tokyo, unlike Kyoto, is modern Japan, the big city, tall buildings, big avenues and billboards everywhere you go.

The first day I went to discover the area of Asakusa, where my hostel was located. It is a very touristy area due to its variety of temples, including one of the most important in the city and the oldest one, Shensho-Ji. Shinto temples are characterized by a red lantern at the entrance, Shensho-Ji has one of the largest. Its surroundings are crowded with people walking among the different markets that are located there.


The next stop was Ueno Park, one of the most important parks in the city where tourists and locals share time enjoying the different activities it offers. There was an exhibition of bonsai. It is great to see the different varieties that exist and how carefully they are treated. There is also a zoo and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.


The second day I went to explore the city a little bit more until I arrived to the park of Shinjuku Gyoen. I’m not a fan of paying to enter in a park, but at the end I decided to do it. The park is stunning and you can spend several hours exploring it. It consists basically of three areas, the Japanese, English and French gardens. After that, I went to explore the neighbourhood of Shinjuku, which is the generalized image that we have of Japan, I mean, the commercial area where large buildings are dressed with neon lights. Its streets are full of variedly people that enters and leaves the numerous shops and restaurants in the area. It is a real show of lights.


The third day was the time to explore the area of Shibuya, also characterized by its commercial environment, so characteristic of Tokyo. Following my tour I arrived at the temple of Zojo-ji, located at the foot of the famous Tokyo Tower, considered the Japanese replica of the Eiffel Tower. To finish the last night in Tokyo, I decided to go back to the Shibuya neighbourhood and explore those great video game venues where the Japanese spend their time and their money. It was great!


The two weeks that I was in Japan literally flied. It was a great experience and I am looking forward to come back again as there is still too much to discover.

Next step, Taipei (Taiwan).

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