3 days in Kyoto

After Osaka, it was time to stay four nights in Kyoto, a city known for its cultural richness and it was the capital of Japan on the past.

Although it was one of the longest stays, I could not take advantage of it as expected because my stomach decided not to be on my side. I could say, they are gaffes of the trade and expected but not so soon. Maybe it was a sign of my body to take a break, as I did not stop for a single day since I started my trip almost 3 weeks ago, so I stayed a day and a half quietly at the hostel.

Once I was almost full conditions, it was time to recover the lost time. It was temples day, when I visited the Nijo Castle, the temples of Ginkaku-ji, Eikando Zenrinji, Nanzen-ji, Shoren-in, Kiyomizu-dera and Sanjusangendo. More than the temples, which undoubtedly are very beautiful, I loved its gardens and the nature that can be felt there. You looked to the left, photo, to the right, photo. Everything was beautiful.



To end the day, return to the neighborhood of Gion (not Gijón), which is characterized by preserving its streets with an air of past, where it is very easy to find Geishas walking around and making the moment even more beautiful.

Googling Kyoto means that you will get a picture of Inari, those Japanese orange doors that are stacked one behind another creating a corridor where everyone who has been in Kyoto has a photo, as it is the most visited place. After one hour’s walk from the hostel to Inari, again, another slap of expectations against reality. I thought I would find a corridor of about 100/200 meters where I could take the famous photo, not a corridor that led to a mountain that took me more than an hour to reach the top. At first, it was like Nara and its deer, everyone stacked at the beginning to take the photo thinking that it would end and there would not be another opportunity, but following the path, and increased the inclination, places to take a photo quietly Increase because most people decided not to continue. I decided to go up to the end. I remember that special moment when after walking for a long time, and with a dignified sweat, I reached the point that I thought it was the top when a «you are here» sign corrected me and told me I was in the middle. I was thirsty, so I bought myself a bottle of water, despite having realized that the price of water increased at the same time as the altitude. Step by step, I finally reached the top. There was a small sign saying «You are on the top of the mountain» and a sanctuary that transmitted calm. The important thing was that I had reached the top, goal accomplished. A couple of minutes of rest, and to descend the climb.


Walk back to the hostel through the center of the city to see the Kyoto tower. Then, just below the tower, I found a huge electronics store where I went in to browse what was there. There was a section of massage sofas, in which people enjoyed them for free, and I was very tired it was the perfect plan. One hour! One hour trying the different sofas. Free massages of authentic pleasure. I left as new. What a pity not to have discovered it before, a real recommendation that is not in any tourist guide.

Last night walking through Kyoto, visiting the Nishiki market and its adjoining streets.

The next day, I went to Tokyo, which it would be Japan’s last stop.

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