Hiroshima & Miyajima

After the quick visit to Fukuoka, I was two nights in Hiroshima, known worldwide for being where the nuclear bomb exploded by the Americans back in 1945.

Quiet night walking around the city and discovering some places around the hostel. One of the best views of the night was the Hiroshima Castle, surrounded by a lake, looks it beauty at night when several large spotlights illuminate it.

Hiroshima is known for the nuclear bomb, but one of the must-see is the island of Miyajima, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, where the Itsukushima Shrine is located, dominated by a large Otorii, one of the most photographed in Japan. On the morning was time to get the train and go to the island. The local train that takes you to Miyajimaguchi and the ferry to Miyajima are free if you have the Japan Rail Pass. On the way to the island, the ferry passes quite close to the Otorii to take the mandatory picture.

Once on the island, the first to welcome you are the deers, owners of the island, who will sniff you up and down to see if you bring some food that can give them. They have no fear in approaching to you, they are used to tourists. They even stick their nose into your pants in order to find some food.


Going through the village, I reach the famous shrine. If the tide is high, you will see the Otorii surrounded by water as it would be floating, as if the tide is low (it was in my case) you’ll see surrounded by sand and you can get close to take pictures.

After returning to Hiroshima, and again at night, it’s time to see all the related to the Hiroshima bomb. Starting with the A-Bomb Dome, located inside the Peace Memorial Park and where there are other monuments and tributes as the Children´s Peace Monument, in memory of all the children who died in this misfortune. Everything is in the same area, so it makes the visit quick.


The day after and before I headed to my next destination, I did the same walk that during the previous night, to see the same reality with different light, the light day.

Next stop, Osaka.

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