Daegeon, parks and lights.

After spending my firsts days in Seoul, I went to Daegeon. I still don’t know why I chose this city as destination. I knew nothing about it, just a picture that I liked and perhaps for that, because it was on the way to Busan, and for impulse, I decided to put it on my itinerary. The first information that I heard about was from my friend Luis, who told me that KAIST, one of the best technology universities in the world, was located here so I felt motivated for the first information received. It was weird that there were not hostels on Hostelworld and the only one that I found was through Booking. That presaged that it was not a very touristy town, I liked it!

I arrived at the hostel in the afternoon, where an elderly Korean lady was waiting for me. She did not speak a word of English, so she gave me a paper with the little information that she had about the guesthouse´s rules. There was not any foreigner, at least I saw none. The common area, a small room where breakfast was served. I was in a room for four, but alone.

I went for a walk and have dinner. Again, hundreds of street stalls to eat and plenty of shops with neon lights. In the main shopping street where I was staying, it was the Skyroad, a visual and music show that I really loved. I already started to feel the technological environment of the city.

The next day, it was time to know the city. I started walking from the city centre to the main park (Hanbat Arboterum), amazing! Undoubtedly the best urban park that I have been so far. A complete shutdown of the city, a place of rest. Every step I walked was an even nicer than the previous one.

After few hours in the park, I crossed the Expo Bridge and went to Expo Park and the Museum of Science and Technology. Did I say that I am around the Expo area? The day before was bank holiday, therefore, all the museums were closed, so I did not have the opportunity to get into the museums, but their exteriors were very nice. Daegeon certainly is a city to walk, and basically that’s what I did all day.


After a coffee and a break for my legs, I went back to the surroundings of Expo Bridge to take some pics. This bridge looks its beauty at night, and although the Expo Tower was not iluminated, the view was great. Tall buildings were combined with the bridge to create a great photograph. There were hundreds of Koreans, if not thousands, doing some sports on the banks of the river.


The next day, the weather was not my friend, and the rain was constant. So I checked my schedule and made some modifications. I had planned to go one day to Gyeongju and then to Busan, but I realized that staying little time in each city I was not able to enjoy it as it deserved. So I canceled the trip to Gyeongju, and went straight to Busan.

Once at the Daegeon train station, everything looked kind of crazy, but I did not give any importance. The previous trains to Busan had not leave, and mine was not announced. I wondered what happened, but almost none on the station spoke English to answer my questions. I was able to understand a friendly Korean guy that there was a big typhoon in Busan, that’s why all the trains to Busan were not working and the guy recommended me to come back tomorrow or travel by bus. I was not sure if I understood what he had told me, so I decided to wait. I spent few minutes when a train bound for Busan seemed to leave, so I just jumped into just before the doors were closed. Yeah! Finally! I was already heading to Busan!

(I will continue with the story in the next post)

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