Ireland, see you soon.

I don’t believe it, I’m leaving Ireland. After 5 years, 7 months and 8 days it’s time to close a stage, undoubtedly one of the best of my life so far. Who was going to tell me this a year ago, even a few months ago? If anybody was told me that, I would have answered quickly that although no one knows where we’ll be tomorrow as the destination can not be predicted, my way on the island Esmeralda is for a long time.

On February 13th of 2011 I grabbed my bags and I post-3-1put towards my new destination to improve my English, well, to learn English. A decision with some fears, but few worries as they would be only 3 or 6 months at most, with the plan to do a masters in China or go to work in London after. Obviously, none of that has happened, perhaps because I found a place that surprised me, intrigued me and for in which I fell in love.

I knew just few things about Ireland, practically nothing. English was the language spoken and that was enough. My ignorance about it may have helped me that I got positively surprised. I
was surprised by its people, with such a kind and generous character; their business network, so focused on Internet companies as a good bet for the future; job opportunities, many jobs with growth potential apost-3-2nd good treatment by the companies; its international atmosphere, as soon as doing a Korean friend, sharing a flat with a Croatian or working with an American; feeling as at home, there are thousands of Spaniards who few become friends to make my life a little easier. I could go on all the advantages of Ireland, but I think that it deserves another post and I do not want to extend this a lot.

I bring with me a suitcase full of memories. I take the experience of having arrived here with nothing and be leaving with a lot. I take every moment I’ve lived, the good and those who have helped me to learn. I bring a lot of people, good people. I bring a lot of friends, few of them have become my family. A family that they and I post-3-3

know that we will always be there when we need, they will always have a place beside me where I will be, as the distance is only one variable and our paths will meet again. Thanks for everything, thanks for being there, I love you. (Some tears have fallen at this point)

It’s time to get into the plane back to Spain, one that I normally use but never with so many emotions as I do now. It’s time to take another step to move forward and grow as I said in my first post. It’s time to start planning the next stage, the next hop.

Ireland, friends … no worries, I’ll return, for sure. I don’t know if it will be to stay or visit, whether alone or accompanied, whether in a month or a year, but I will return. I will always love this country, and will always defend it wherever I go. It is not a goodbye, it’s a «see you soon friends.»

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