It’s time to pack, sell, donate and throw away.

After more than five years living in Ireland the moment to leave has arrived, therefore it’s time to keep the memories and get rid of the rest. It’s the right moment to see, evaluate, remember and throw away. An opportunity to identify what it’s necessary and what it’s not. We have got used to believe that most of the things are necessary when they are not, just luxury things that can be dispensable and replaceable.

In my case, as I don’t have any idea where I will be in one year time, I´m trying to keep as less as possible, just the things that I use more often, the clothes that I usually wear, important presents and everything associated to unforgettable memories. Everyone has anything of each category, the most of important aspect is not to keep many. All the rest, it`s possible to sell it, donate it or throw it away.

Selling is the best option for those things of high value, 2016-15-9-20-22-04

moreover it’s a perfect opportunity to have some cash for the trip. Changing things for experiences. There are plenty of webs or apps that can be used to sell your things to other people, like ebay, adverts or donedeal, or stores that buy your second hand things very cheap in order to sell them after. There are also some Facebook groups where people advertise their items.

Donate is a good option to help other people. Normally, we have all our closets full of “justincase” clothes,2016-09-15-18-31-37-2 just in case it gets very cold, just in case I lose weight, just in case bla bla bla. In other words, clothes that we have not used in the last year and which will not be used in the next ones, but we are always looking for a small excuse to keep them. That’s why we can help other people donating those clothes that we do not need. There are plenty of NGOs which will collect them to sell them after in order to have funds for different projects or that they will give them directly to people who really need them. Of course, these clothes should be in perfect condition.

When you do not want to keep them, it’s not possible to sell it or it’s not in good condition, the last option is to throw it away. It normally happens with papers, too old clothes or any object that it has lost the its commercial or sentimental value. Don´t expect that an item will get too old in order to become vintage to sell it again.

Once you have completed the steps before, you will have half of your belongings, this will still be the double of what you really need, and for the trip you will need only 5% of that remaining. You do not have to get rid of everything, you will still keep many unnecessary things, but this exercise has helped you to get rid of some things that you do not need, to make some money, to help other people and to save space. What else do you want? Okay, yes, you can also renew your wardrobe.

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